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We are a team of students at UCLA who aim to create high-impact technology that empowers nonprofits to better serve their communities.

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  • Developers, designers, and businesspeople who love to solve problems.
  • Students who seek to better understand the realities of under-resourced communities.
  • A team that strongly believes in making a difference.
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    we create solutions.

    We were founded on the belief that even small solutions have the potential to create a large impact. We put together small interdisciplinary teams and work closely with nonprofits to bring a product vision to life through ideation, design, and implementation.

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    Coordinating Survival Kit Distribution

    A system streamlining on-the-ground distribution of homeless aid packages by thousands of volunteers

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    Project Ropa Offline Forms App

    A check-ins app for volunteers to track deliveries of clean clothing to the homeless in LA

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    our network

    We wouldn't be able to do what we love alone. We’re grateful for these organizations who have advised us and given us a hand in better understanding the social sector.

    Interested in becoming a partner or advisor? Let us know — we’d love to talk to you!

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    A huge thanks to our generous partners for supporting us!

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    Interested in becoming a partner or advisor? Let us know — we’d love to talk to you!

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