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A donor deck to increase funding for victims of sex trafficking, and a user survey to understand mentor-mentee interaction



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Sam Chai, Kristopher Bakhtiar, Aneri Patel


Beloved Beauty is a nonprofit dedicated toward improving the lives of at-risk women in the sex industry by providing them personal support and professional opportunities in the beauty industry. Beloved Beauty connects these women with mentors that help them fulfill their dreams, educational opportunities that become marketable skills during the hiring process, and assistance with job placement when they are ready to re-enter the workforce.

High Social Media Following but Little Conversion

Beloved Beauty has over 3.5k social media followers, yet a lack of donations. Beloved gained most of its funding through in-person presentations, but not through digital outlets like their website or social media page.

Lack of Data on Progress within Mentorship Program

So far, Beloved Beauty has created 8 mentor + mentee pairings, but has no statistics to track the success of their program, such as how many times their mentors and mentees meet and what is discussed at these meetings. These statistics are crucial when presenting to potential donors and sponsors.

Lack of Funding

As Beloved Beauty was hitting its next stage of growth, expanding beyond mentorship and welcoming more women, Beloved struggled to obtain funding from larger beauty brands, donations from local salons, and scholarships from L.A.-based beauty schools. This funding was needed to create more skills training and career-focused events for these victimized women, pay salaries to Beloved Beauty employees, hire an on-site counselor, and purchase beauty supplies kits that aren’t covered by financial aid.

Website Redesign

To improve social media conversion, we worked with Beloved to improve its website, improving user experience and increasing actionability.

We conducted a website critique indicating the website’s strengths and weaknesses along with suggestions on how Beloved could address the site's weaknesses. For instance, one problem we noted was that the website had no clear goal for the user as there was no prominent call to action on the landing page or navigation. We suggested that Beloved could add a headline, description, and call to action to their landing so that users understand what Beloved is without having to scroll and are guided on what to do with the call to action button. Design implementations will begin Fall 2020.

User Survey for Future App Development

In order to understand why there was no tracking of mentor and mentee interaction, we created a user survey asking the mentors and mentees about their experiences in the program—asking how often they met, what electronic device they prefer, what apps they would be comfortable with using. Once we are able to understand the users, we can suggest what applications the program can utilize in order to gain statistics that will help with funding and bettering the experience of the program.

A Donor Deck to be Sent to Salons, Brands, and Donors

To solve Beloved Beauty’s funding problem, we created a nonprofit pitch deck that could easily be adapted to the audience - local salons, large beauty brands, beauty schools, other nonprofits that aid victims of sex trafficking. This deck could be distributed easily through email or, for a more personal touch, printed and delivered in person by Beloved’s founder, Rachael Roland.

The deck answered five main questions that donors commonly have:

  • What is the problem that Beloved Beauty is trying to solve?
  • How does Beloved Beauty help women escape the sex industry, reintegrate into society, and gain financial independence?
  • What does Beloved Beauty’s current traction look like?
  • What does Beloved Beauty need funding for?
  • Besides donating money, what are other ways that I can help?
  • Each of these questions were answered with concise language and visually-appealing graphics that emphasized Beloved Beauty’s mission and future goals.

    You can access the full deck here.

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