Global Lives Project

An immersive, interactive VR experience promoting empathy and cross-cultural understanding


Virtual Reality, Unity, 3D Modeling, Oculus Quest 2

NPOs involved

Global Lives Project


Edward Zhang, Dean Jones, Hannah Chu, Kevin Li, Aneri Patel, Max Wu


Founded in 2002, the Global Lives Project is an ambitious mission to build a video library documenting the daily lives of people all across the world. The ultimate goal is to open our eyes to the livelihoods of people in communities far outside our own.

The Global Lives Project has since collected and indexed continuous 24-hour clips following a day-in-the-life of 10 individuals located from Brazil to Kazakhstan, ranging across every age group, and having professions from farming to cable car operation. This footage is used to create impactful exhibits as well as curriculum for elementary to high school students.

The Project

Nova and Global Lives Project are working together to create more affecting exhibits using a fully immersive, interactive VR experience to promote empathy beyond a 2D interface. Users will be able to explore the living spaces of subjects in different countries and interact with culturally significant elements, accessing supplementary info and relevant media.


We've successfully recreated Rumi's room in VR, and added basic movement controls for users to navigate around the room. The next step is to add interactive objects, a video player, and ultimately create a user experience that fosters empathy!

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