Supporting free, interactive online learning opportunities for students with limited access to formal education


Python, Angular.js, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads

NPOs involved



Kevin Zhang, Aneri Patel, Jessica Wong, Michael Wu, Steve Jiang, Nikhil Suresh


Oppia is a nonprofit organization that provides students with free, interactive online lessons created by experts from a diverse range of subjects via their open-source web platform. Their mission is to provide students with quality education, regardless of where they are or what traditional educational resources they have access to.

So far, educators have created 11,000 lessons serving 430,000 students worldwide.

Our contributions

We've made contributions to Oppia across several fronts:

  • Analytics: Using Google Analytics, we determined in which countries Oppia had the most traction, and which channels were most successful in driving lesson engagement.
  • Marketing: Using our insights, we are currently using a hypothesis-driven approach to kickstart ad campaigns in Palestine, India, and Ghana, creating a content distribution strategy from Oppia to partner organizations, as well as creating content for social media feeds.
  • Engineering: We've also made several contributions to Oppia's codebase via Github, including migrating the backend search functionality from Google App Engine Search to Elasticsearch.
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