A platform for anonymously connecting victims and survivors of sexual assault who have the same perpetrator


iOS, Firebase, Python, Flask

NPOs involved



Yuhan Liu, Jessica Lam, Max Wu, Sriram Balachandran, Anivrit Subramaniam, Hannah Chu, Janice Tsai, Natalia Luzuriaga, Valentin Nguyen, Yili Liu, Joshua Zhang, Tanaya Nawathe


Every 73 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted.

However, only 1 in 4 of sexual assaults are reported to the police. Victims and survivors often feel isolated and unsure of who to speak to or what to do. Although 51% of alleged rapists are repeat offenders that have been convicted previously, in many cases victims and survivors of a perpetrator are not aware of other incidents from the same person. This further isolates them, discouraging them from taking action.


Nova is working with iiDecide to create an app for sexual assault survivors and victims, allowing them to log incidents of harassment, threats, and abuse. Reports are automatically matched, and following a few verification steps, users will have the opportunity to anonymously connect with other victims of the same perpetrator.

Creating these connections will empower users, providing them with information, support and confidence as they consider their next steps.


We have built out the MVP, and are currently beta testing it with a group of 50 victims and survivors of sexual assault.

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Last updated September 12th, 2023


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