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Take a look at some of the projects we are working on now or have worked on in the past. Whether they're web development, mobile development, data science, or design, our solutions have been able to serve a wide variety of nonprofits.

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Coordinating Survival Kit Distribution

A system streamlining on-the-ground distribution of homeless aid packages by thousands of volunteers

→ View the case study

Project Ropa Offline Forms App

A check-ins app for volunteers to track deliveries of clean clothing to the homeless in LA

→ View the case study

more of our work


A platform for anonymously connecting victims and survivors of sexual assault who have the same perpetrator


Supporting free, interactive online learning opportunities for students with limited access to formal education


A “Pathway Mapper” web application to assist community college students in planning their coursework

Swipe Out Hunger

A donor-donee matching app allowing students to share swipes with those struggling from food insecurity

Westside Food Bank

A food pantry locator to provide information on the nearest available pantries for the food-insecure

Friends of the Semel Institute

Data analysis (Blackbaud) of a UCLA nonprofit’s donor base to maximize donations toward mental health awareness and research

Beloved Beauty

A donor deck to increase funding for victims of sex trafficking, and a user survey to understand mentor-mentee interaction

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